Our pre-wash uses a snow foam solution to soften dirt and grime followed by an intense clean using lambswool mitts, PH neutral shampoo, soft brushes and two bucket cleaning method.
Alloy Wheels are cleaned using separate buckets and nonacidic citrus based wheel cleaner. The Wheels are fully turned and thoroughly cleaned using soft bristle brushes designed for all delicate surfaces including diamond polished faces.
The car is rinsed using filtered water to remove all shampoo and dirt from the first stage clean.
We use a citrus degreaser and tar remover to agitate the necessary high-impact areas with soft, non-scratch detailing brushes.
The Paintwork, Glass and Alloys are then decontaminated using fallout removers to breakdown and remove any bonded contaminants and impurities including brake dust residue and iron filings.
A second rinse is performed using snow foam solution to ensure all product residue has been successfully removed prior to drying.
We use a Clay Bar on all surfaces to remove any bonded contaminants that the multi wash processes have failed to remove leaving the panels and glass perfectly prepared for correction and enhancement detailing.
Finally, the Paintwork is hand dried using the highest quality deep pile microfibre towels.
  • Safe Wash
  • New Car Detail
  • Procare Detail

Safe Wash

Starting from

£75 +VAT

The Safe Wash process (Based on our multi-stage prep): 

  • Snow foam solution to soften dirt and grime
  • Alloy wheels are cleaned
  • The car is rinsed using filtered water
  • We use a citrus degreaser and tar remover
  • Paintwork, glass and alloys are then decontaminated
  • Second rinse is performed
  • Paintwork is hand dried
  • Full interior vacuum

New Car Detail

Starting from

£499 +VAT

Procare Detail

Starting from

£750 +VAT



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